Fenris XL

A model of AI whose main purpose is to create images of animals and creatures, turning into a versatile tool to unleash creativity in various artistic fields.

Say hello to Fenris XL, an AI model that has evolved from its original purpose of creating images of animals and creatures to a versatile tool for unleashing creativity in a variety of artistic fields. Whether your passion is to produce creative artwork, dive into the world of anime, draw comics, produce captivating illustrations, or explore the world of digital art, Fenris XL can make it happen.

Fenris XL API:

Unlock the potential of art production with the Fenris XL API. Connecting to this AI powerhouse is smooth as silk, accommodating a wide range of development languages. All it takes is a simple HTTP request and you're ready to embark on your creative journey. Customize your art by setting basic parameters, including the ever-important prompt, negative prompt and seed.

Fenris XL Online Studio:

For those who prefer a hands-on approach to artistry, Fenris XL offers an Online Studio with an elegant and user-friendly interface. This studio allows users to experiment with a multitude of parameters, allowing you to witness your creative visions instantly come to life on your screen. Edit and adapt your creations, tweaking the prompt, negative prompt and seed to perfectly align with your artistic vision. And the cherry on top? Easily download your exquisite masterpieces with a single click.

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