Love XL

Love XL: Your limitless source for creating portraits, scenes, anime, cartoons, wallpapers, and characters.

This model works wonders in as few as 12 simple steps. It performs exceptionally well at 512x512 resolution, but if you're looking for even better results, don't hesitate to experiment with 768x768.

What began as an experiment in designing a cute and modern anime model turned into something truly remarkable: Love XL is your ultimate go-to for all things 2D. It perfectly complements a wide array of flat and 2.5D artistic styles, and it can even dabble in 3D and photorealism. To enhance its capabilities, it has been intricately combined with an interior painting model, Jinx, and Arcane LoRA.

With Love XL, you're granted the absolute freedom to create virtually anything your heart desires, without any limitations holding you back. Whether you want to craft portraits, bring realistic scenes to life, or delve into the realms of anime, cartoons, wallpapers, and character design, this AI image generator has got you covered.

Love XL API 

The Love XL API opens the door to seamless integration with your projects. Users can effortlessly connect to the API through a straightforward HTTP request, allowing you to harness its power across various development languages. The key HTTP request parameters you'll work with are "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed."

Love XL Online Studio

Experience the convenience of Love XL through its Online Studio. This user-friendly interface empowers you to fine-tune your image generation process effortlessly. You can easily adjust parameters and witness real-time results. The same crucial parameters, "prompt," "negative prompt," and "seed," are at your disposal here as well. Moreover, users can conveniently download their generated results for immediate use and sharing.

The model can used for AI art generator, image generator, AI character generator, AI background generator, AI portrait generator

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