Pastel Art XL

This LoRA model embraces the unique charm of pastel art, ensuring originality and versatility in every creation.

Pastel Art XL is here to turn your text into stunning images. This LoRA model ensures authenticity and versatility in every creation, embracing the unique charm of pastel art. Say goodbye to precision and embrace the beauty of generalized backgrounds, pronounced markmaking, and discreet colors. Let your imagination run wild, and witness the magic of pastel art unfold!

Pastel Art XL brings the spontaneity of pastel drawing to the digital realm. It may occasionally lean towards a cartoonish style, but that's all part of the fun. Don't worry; you can fine-tune your results by using 'cartoon' and 'anime' in the negative prompt if needed.

Pastel Art XL with API 

Unlock the potential of Pastel Art XL through its API. Connect via HTTP requests and leverage various development languages. The API's parameters include the versatile trio of prompt, negative prompt, and seed. Start creating your own pastel art masterpieces with ease.

Pastel Art XL Online Studio

Experience the convenience of Pastel Art XL through its user-friendly online studio. With a simple UI, users can easily customize parameters and instantly visualize the results. The key parameters at your disposal are prompt, negative prompt, and seed. Take advantage of the model's creative potential and download your artwork for a world of possibilities. Enjoy the art generated by the best AI art generator.

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