SDXL Unstable Diffusers

There is no limit to what you can imagine and produce with this model.

This collection of checkpoints opens the door to boundless creativity, free from constraints. With this checkpoint, there are no limits to what you can imagine and generate.

As the name implies, the results from this checkpoint bring an element of unpredictability. Whether you stumble upon perfection with a specific prompt or revel in the delightful chaos of visuals, embrace the adventure. Discover what suits your artistic vision best. Best of luck on your creative journey!

SDXL Unstable Diffusers API:

Connect to our API through a simple HTTP request, compatible with various development languages. The key parameters to use are prompt, negative prompt, and seed.

SDXL Unstable Diffusers Online Studio:

Experience the model's capabilities with ease through our user-friendly online studio. Here, you can tweak parameters like prompt, negative prompt, and seed, instantly seeing the results. Plus, you have the option to download your creations for further exploration.

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